Tex, Don & Charlie

You Don't Know Lonely (2017)

1.What I Am
2.A Man In Conflict With Nature
3.Here's As Good As Anywhere
5.Just Your Luck
6.I Couldn't Lie
7.Plan B
8.One Step Ahead Of The Blues
9.The Hitcher
10.I Used To Be
11.One More For The Song
12.How Good Is Life

Don Walker

Live At The Caravan Club (2014)

1.Sitting in A Bar
3.Young Girls
5.Hully gully
7.Get Along
8.The Good Book
9.Johhny's Gone
11.My Girl
13. Yakuza Girls

Don Walker

Hully Gully (2013)

1.Hully Gully
2.Young Girls
7.The Perfect Crime
9.On The Beach
10.Angry Woman
11.The Long Way Home
Watch the Hully Gully clip and listen to the whole album on Youtube.

Don Walker

Live At Queenscliffe (2008)

1.The Wedding
2.My Girl
3.HQ454 Munroe
4.Get Along
5.The Good Book
6.Johnny's Gone
7.You Win Again
8.Harry was A Bad Bugger

Don Walker

Cutting Back (2006)

1. Get Along (Walker)
2. I Want My Kids To Look Like You (Walker/Cassar-Daley)
3. Yakuza Girls (Walker)
4. Four In The Morning (Walker)
5. Silos (Walker) 6. No Reason(Walker)
7. Fallen Angel (Walker)
8. My Ex Wife (Walker/Smotherman)
9. Cutting Back (Walker)
10. Sweet Eyes (Walker)
11. At The Piccolo Bar (Walker)
12. Barkley Highway West (Walker)
13. The Way You Are Tonight
Watch the Get Along clip and listen to the whole album on Youtube.

Tex, Don and Charlie

All Is Forgiven (2005)

1. Paycheques (Pattison/Perkins/Walker/Owen)
2. A Place to Hide(Perkins)
3. Whenever It Snows(Pattison/Perkins)
4. Jails (Walker)
5. You're 39, You're Beautiful & You're Mine (Paul Kelly) 6. Words Fail Me(Walker/Perkins)
7. Another Night In (Walker)
8. Lost In Space (Perkins)
9. The Singer of Song (Perkins/Walker)
10. Harry Was A Bad Bugger (Walker)
11. The Price You Had To Pay (Walker)
12. The Healing Power of Helpless Laughter (Walker/Mogine)
13. Someday I'll Forget (Perkins/Pattison)
Watch the Paycheques clip and listen to the whole album on Youtube.

Freedom Soundtrack (1981/1996)

1. Port Adelaide (Walker)
2. Speed Kills (Walker)
3. Port Adelaide II (Walker)
4. Freedom Theme (Walker)
5. Sedan Hoot (Walker/Blight)
6. Eleuptheria (Walker/Cicero)
7. Fascist Sounds (Walker)
8. Last Stretch (Walker/Moss)
9. Forest Theme (Walker)
Listen to the Freedom soundtrack here


Don Walker

We're All Gunna Die (1995)

1. Party (Walker)
2. Eternity (Walker)
3. My girl (Walker)
4. The wedding (Walker)
5. The good book (Walker)
6. The circus (Walker/Smotherman)
7. I am the king (Walker)
8. Howl at the moon (Walker/Smotherman)
9. In the end (Walker)
10. Carless in Isa (Walker)
11. We're all gunna die (Walker)
12. Three Blackbirds
Watch the Clip for Party and listen to the whole album on youtube

Tex, Don & Charlie

Monday Morning Coming Down (1995)

1. Fateful day(Walker)
2. The girl with the bluebird  (Walker)
3. Postcard from Elvis (Smotherman/Ehmig)
4. Fake that emotion  (Perkins/Dormand)
5. Redheads, gold cards, & long black limousines (Walker/Smotherman)
6. Louise  (Walker)
7. What I done to her  (Perkins/Owen)
8. Dead dog boogie (Owen)
9. Sitting in a bar (Walker)
10. Danielle (Walker)
11. Play with fire (Nanker/Phelge)
12. Still the same (Perkins)
13. I must be getting soft (Perkins)
14. Bird on a wire (Cohen)
15. Sing me back home (Haggard)
16. Sunday morning coming down (Foster/Kristofferson)

Tex, Don & Charlie

Sad But True (1993)

1. Redheads, gold cards, & long black limousines
2. Postcard from Elvis (Smotherman/Ehmig)
3. Fake that emotion (Perkins/Dormand)
4. The girl with the bluebird (Walker)
5. What I done to her (Perkins/Owen)
6. Sitting in a bar (Walker)
7. Dead dog boogie (Owen)
8. Louise (Walker)
9. Fateful day (Walker)
10. Danielle (Walker)
11. Still the same (Perkins)
12. Barlow and chambers (Walker)
13. I must be getting soft (Perkins)
Listen to the whole Sad But True album on Youtube.




1. Johnny's Gone (Walker)
2. Ruby (Walker)
3. Jericho Road (Walker)
4. Too Long (Walker)
5. Crooked Smile (Walker)
6. Charleville (Walker)
7. El Alamein Blues (Walker)
8. The Year That He Was Cool (Walker)
9. See You Again (Walker)
Listen to the entire Ruby album on Youtube.


Unlimited Address (1988)

1. When you dance (Walker)
2. Hiwire girl (Walker)
3. The early hours (Walker)
4. Subway (Walker)
5. One night in Soviet Russia (Walker)
6. My Backyard (Walker)
7. Pre-war blues (Walker)
8. Station (Walker)
9. Unlimited adress (Walker)
Listen to the entire Unlimited Address album on Youtube


Don Walker - Freedom Soundtrack

Speed Kills/Fascist Sounds (7" 1982)
WEA 100201


When You Dance/See You Again (7" 1988)
WEA 710015
When You Dance/When You Dance+See You Again (7" 1988)
WEA 010011
The Early Hours/Election Man (7" 1988)
WEA 7257931
The Early Hours/Election Man (12" 1988)
WEA 0257931
Hi-Wire Girl/My Backyard (7" 1989)
WEA 7257664
Johnny's Gone/Painted Doll (7" 1991)
east west 903174797-2
Johnny's Gone/Painted Doll (Cd single 1991)
east west 903174797-2
Johnny's Gone/Painted Doll (Cassingle 1991)
east west 903174797-4
Crooked Smile/Hi-Wire Girl (Cassingle 1991)
east west 903175895-4
Crooked Smile/Hi-Wire Girl/One Night In Soviet Russia (CD single 1991)
east west 903175895-2

Tex, Don & Charlie

What I Done To Her/Louise (live)/Still The Same (live)/Louie, Louie (live) (CD single 1994)
Red Eye/Polydor 8535732

Slim Dusty & Don Walker

Charleville (Cd single 1994)  Charleville Video Video

Other songs performed by Don Walker

Totally Wireless The Triple J Acoustic Sessions (1993)

Tex, Don & Charlie - Blind Willie McTell (Dylan)

PolyGram Australia 518 367-2


Fusebox - The Alternative AC/DC Tribute Album (1995)

Don Walker - There's Gonna Be Some Rockin' (Young, Young & Scott)

BMG 76896402522


Lullaby and Goodnight (1996)

Don Walker - Danielle (Walker)

Flip Records LULLCD001


Not so Dusty - Slim Dusty Tribute Album (1998)

Don Walker - Highway Fever (Dusty)

EMI Music Australia 7243 4 96406 2 7


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