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Welcome to the Internet's first Don Walker Web Site

This site opened on May 29th, 1997 by Per Stjernberg. Per has done a fantastic job putting this site together. Unfortunatley due to work commitments Per cannot continue maintaining the site. All the best to Per! My name is Jerome Withers and I am the new moderator of the unofficial Don Walker site. I live in Adelaide, South Australia and have been a Don/Chisel fan since 1991I have been a regular contributer to many Chisel sites since 1998 (including this one) and I am the current editor of The Barking Spider fanzine.

The purpose of this site is to introduce Don Walker to the public at large and induce visitors to buy Don Walker albums and enjoy the music.

Please let me know if any information on the pages is incorrect or incomplete. I will be most grateful for comments, information or other ideas to improve the site.

Information on the pages is not official statements from Don Walker. These pages are provided free and for a personal purpose only. Profit is not made from these pages, nor is this an attempt to infringe upon the copyright. Copyright law protects the text/pictures on these pages, even if they do not contain individual copyright notes. Most of the text/pictures on this site are copyright Don Walker and associated companies i.e. I take no credit.

I hope you will enjoy visiting these pages.

Jerome Withers - email withers@senet.com.au



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This Web Site is maintained by Jerome Withers last updated 12 May 2004