Songs Recorded By Other Artists


The Dummy - Ian Moss (Moss/Walker)
Australian Guitar Album


It’s A Game - The Takeaways (Walker)
From “Sweet & Sour Soundtrack”


The Empty Beach - Marc Hunter (Walker)
From “The Empty Beach Soundtrack”


Sing To Me - Wendy Matthews and Kate Ceberano (Walker)
The Girl In The Picture - Kate Ceberano & Wendy Matthews (Walker/Prestwich)
From “You've Always Got The Blues”


I´ll remember you - Ian Moss (Walker)
I´ve got you - Ian Moss (Moss/Walker/Prestwich)
Matchbook - Ian Moss (Walker)
Out of the fire - Ian Moss (Moss/Walker)
Pretty face - Ian Moss (Walker)
Such a beautiful thing – Ian Moss (Walker)
Tangletown - Ian Moss (Walker)
Telephone booth - Ian Moss (Walker)
Tucker´s daughter – Ian Moss (Moss/Walker)
From “Matchbook”

The Dummy - Ian Moss (Moss/Walker)
Mr Rain (Single B-Side)


You know who you are tonight - Ian Moss (Walker)
Healing Hands - Ian Moss (Moss/Walker)
Money - Ian Moss (Moss/Walker)
Never give up – Ian Moss (Moss/Walker)
She's a star - Ian Moss (Walker)
Slip away – Ian Moss (Moss/Walker/Benjamin)
You know who you are tonight - Ian Moss (Walker)
From “Worlds Away”

Get Lucky - Johnny Diesel (Walker/Lizotte)
High, Dry & Homeless - Slim Dusty (Walker/Connors)
From “Live Into The 90's”

Long Yard Rider - James Reyne (Walker)
Way Out West (Single)


Charleville - Slim Dusty (Walker)
From “Ringer From The Top End”

Flame Trees - Jimmy Barnes (Walker/Prestwich)
from “Flesh and Wood”

Sitting at the bar - Jimmy Barnes (Walker)
Sweat it out (Single)

Stone Cold - Jimmy Barnes (Walker)
From “Heat” & “Flesh and Wood”


Natural High - Slim Dusty (Walker/Dan Ehmig)
It Ain't Wrong - Wendy Matthews (Walker/Booker T Jones)
Charleville Slim Dusty & Don Walker Charleville (Walker)


Sing To Me - Renée Geyer (Walker)


All alone on a rock - Ian Moss (Walker)
Made her mine – Ian Moss (Walker)
Heaven – Ian Moss (Walker)
Made Her Mine – Ian Moss (Walker)
Petrolhead – Ian Moss (Walker)
Poor Boy – Ian Moss (Walker/Heggan)
Two Seconds Too Long – Ian Moss (Walker/Rilen)
From “Petrolhead”

Hart Creek Debutante Ball - Graeme Connors (walker/Connors) From “The Road LessTravelled”

Stone Cold - Jimmy Barnes (Walker)
From ‘Hits”

It Will Always Be You - David Campbell (Walker)
From “Taking The Wheel”


In The End - Red RIvers (Walker)
My Mama Told Me (Not To Play The Guitar) - Adam Brand (Walker)
Charleville - Slim Dusty (Walker) from “The very best of Slim Dusty” 1998
Circus - 30 0dd Foot Of Grunts (Walker)
The Empty Beach - Dragon from “Tales From The Dark Side (1974-1997)”

All Over Town - Troy Cassar-Daley (Cassar-Daley/Walker)

Good Friends - Adam Brand (Don Walker/Miles Walker)
Little Girl - Adam Brand (Walker)
This Big Old Car - Adam Brand (Walker)
From “Good Friends”

Looking Forward Looking Back - Slim Dusty (Walker)


Everybody - Abi Tucker (Walker)
From “The Secret Life Of Us” & “Everybody” (Single)

Mood Swing - Ross Wilson (Wilson/Walker)

Stone Cold - Jimmy Barnes (Walker)
From “Raw” & “Double Jeopardy”

This is the Truth - Jimmy Little (Walker)

Could You Still Be Here - Graeme Connors (Walker)
Happy Day - Olivia Newton John & Jimmy Little (Walker/Cavaleri)
Flame Trees- Jimmy Barnes (Walker/Prestwich)


Down The Road - Jimmy Little & Troy Cassar-Daley (Walker/Cassar-Daley)
Lets All Get Together - Kate Ceberano (Walker)


Get Along - Slim Dusty (Walker)
Happy Day - Nessa Morgan (Walker/Cavaleri)
Foreign Affair - Nessa Morgan (Walker/Morgan)
The Healing Power of Helpless Laughter - Melinda Schnieder Walker/Moginie)
Howl At The Moon - The Flyers (Walker)


The Party's Over - Ian Moss Walker/Moginie)
Getaway Car - Troy Cassar-Daley –(Walker/Cassar-Daley)
My Town - Troy Cassar-Daley –(Walker/Cassar-Daley)
Wanted Man - Troy Cassar-Daley –(Walker/Cassar-Daley)
Walking Away - Troy Cassar-Daley –(Walker/Cassar-Daley)
From “Brighter Day”

Damaged People - Jeff Lang (Walker)
Louise - Mick Harvey (Walker)


Silos Anne Kirkpatric (Walker)

From the Cold Chisel Tribute Album - "Standing On The Outside Looking In"

Chior Girl - Katie Noonan
Four Walls - The Waifs
Cheap Wine - Shane Nicholson
Khe Sanh - Paul Kelly
Flame Trees - Sarah Blasko
Saturday Night - Grinspoon
Shipping Steel - The Flairz
Standing On The Outside - Dallas Crane
Houndog - You Am I
Janelle - Augie March
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Albums Produced by Don Walker




Artist Album Year Producer
Catfish Unlimited Address  1988 Don Walker/Peter Walker
Catfish Ruby 1991 Don Walker/Peter Walker
Don Walker Freedom 1981 Don Walker/Peter Walker
Don Walker We're All Gunna Die 1995 Don Walker/Phil Punch
Ian Moss Petrolhead 1996 Don Walker



The Top 40 Hits



Song Artist Songwriter Year EP HP TW
Choirgirl Cold Chisel Walker 1979 27 14 14
Cheap Wine Cold Chisel Walker 1980 39 10 16
Hold Me Tight Cold Chisel Walker 1983 37 8 16
Saturday Night Cold Chisel Walker 1984 15 7 10
Flame Trees Cold Chisel Prestwich/Walker 1984 33 24 7
Tucker's Daughter Ian Moss Moss/Walker 1989 33 2 18
Telephone Booth Ian Moss Walker 1989 25 15 12
Out Of The Fire Ian Moss Moss/Walker 1989 28 28 6
Stone Cold Jimmy Barnes Walker 1993 35 2 14
The Things I Love In You Cold Chisel Walker 1998 10 10 4

* = Still in chart EP = Chart entry position HP = Highest position reached TW = Total weeks in the chart



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